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Admissions open for the Academic Year 2018 - 2019 from LKG to IX STD

Gnanodaya Integrated P.U. College

Every child deserves an emotionally stable home, the right to education, a financially secure future in a safe life. Life is a learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge, sharpening of existing skills and knowledge of concepts and rules. In Gnanodaya Integrated P.U College it could even cement transforming attitudes and behavior to enhance the performance of daily activities. Further it widens its arms in encapsulating additional coaching apart from regular classes like AIEEE, IIT, AIIMS,K-CET ETC. Absolutely a child can get what it seeks pragmatically not only for a couple of years but for the entire life.

Looking ahead with confidence-
Give your children a head start in life. Gnanodaya gifts the society a college with a global vision providing real- life education. Your children are shaped in such a way that they become confident, independent, individuals..

'Education is not relieved. It is achieved'- Albert Einstein

To achieve systematic education one requires proper environment which is available at Ganodaya P.U. College. This college is located at Belawadi and the campus spread over 7 acres of land- just off Mysore- Bangalore highway. The college is run by "Parvathamma Narasimhaiah Charitable Trust (R)"

Skill of the polisher fetches out the colours......

Without education children are like marble in the quarry, all inherent beauties are hidden. Well qualified and experienced faculty, visiting professors well-versed in their discipline, use of effective methodology will bring out the colours and help children to reach their ultimate goal. Regular CET classes, sharing knowledge with experienced visiting professors, group discussions, seminars and regular practical

"Education should be as gradual as a moon rise, perceptible not in progress, but in result"

Gnanodaya never compromises with progress and result. Trust to give is knowledge and it is supported by an outstanding team of qualified, versatile faculty skilled in the latest teaching concepts and methodologies. They ensure an excellent academic environment.

Subjects offered at Gnanodaya P.U. College

Gnanodaya College is affiliated to the Karnataka Board of Pre- University Education and offers PUC.

Science with PCMB (Physics, chemistry, Mathematics, Biology)

PCMC (Physics, chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science)

Commerce with EABC (Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Computer Science)

Languages: Kannada, English, Hindi and French

We are proud of academic excellence...

We being a dynamic organization with highly experienced professionals from various fields of education and campus management, bring to the students a highly focussed approach in learning along with world class content, learning and assessment modules and technology to keep pace with time and most importantly build to enhance the knowledge and skills of our students and adapt to the ever growing need for change. Thus we bring in highly skilled professionals to guide, train and motivate academicians in addressing the needs of the students.

There is a fundamental way we look at teaching and learning in trying to address the need of every student. The need to help each student to chase their dreams and aspirations has always been a challenge. As our Education system provides very few options, the engagement has come on time in not only nurturing their ambitions but also ensuring that no student is left behind. The need to offer more options to the students at this pre university level has become much more important and only few educational institutions can give this comfort. To make learning more interesting for a student we address both social and intellectual needs which make it exciting and the journey very focussed.

The academic rigour is split into three portions :

The understanding drawn at this level for a student is invaluable as he is motivated from within to learn and the retention becomes imminent. Our academicians are well versed in this system for a period of time and their contribution to encourage students to get into this rigour will help them to not only understand the fundamental better but also remember the same . Our academicians are well trained in the teaching process and we will be addressing the needs of the students for not only P.U. but also competitive exams like JEE Mains/Adanced, NEET/CET & KVPY.

We bring technology to the students that will be TAB based with fully loaded content with the following features offered.

From the pre-class preparation to the classroom experience and the post class study combined with the weekly test both descriptive for P.U. and on TABs' for the competitive portion, learning becomes not only understandable but also remembered.

We at Gnanodaya Integrated P.U. College believe that every child is gifted but they just have to unwrap their package at different times. It's our endeavor to bring in learning methodology that would nurture their original thinking & make them confident. Also we bring in the value system with a sense of responsibility to the society.

Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. Our students are what they do repeatedly. We bring to you the experience of academicians who have trained students for more than two decades in making a very happy, stress free learning environment.

We would like to meet you in person to take this discussion forward and we shall inform the date and time.

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Gnanodaya Integrated P.U. College