A School with a Difference

Visualizing India in 21st Century led by honest and educated leaders capable of carrying the Nation forward to a golden era of peace and prosperity; we have tried to provide Gnanodaya as a platform which provides holistic education that focuses on all aspects of development and empowers the child with the skills, knowledge and values necessary for a peaceful and progressive journey through life. At Gnanodaya, we endeavor to achieve all high standards through quality education for our students. To achieve this, frequent teacher training programs, parent counselling programs and spiritual programs are incorporated to get the desired result.

Through this website, we’ve tried to give you a glimpse of Ganodaya Public School and feel its unique system, warm environment and get a firsthand look at our school in action. Gnanodaya Public School is affiliated to ICSE New Delhi, School Code- KA 201

GNANODAYA PUBLIC SCHOOL is situated in the city of palaces. Mysore with rich cultural heritage despite a relatively small population of around 30 Lakhs, It is world famous for its heritage and culture of Dasara. Mysore is located in southern India in Karnataka State. We are very proud of the heritage city of palaces. People of Mysore are warm and friendly to visitors. An Ideal Place to enroll your child.

  • Climate: moderate
  • Vacation: October – Dasara vacation
  • Summer: April to May – Summer vacation
  • Language: Kannada
  • State: Karnataka

Gnanodaya Public School (GPS) was established in the year 2008 under the leadership of Dr.S.Rajendra. MDS, Ex Principal of Dental college.It is run by Smt. Parvathamma Narasimhaiah Charitable Trust (R), to provide quality education and charitable work to the need.

Message by The Secretary

“Education is the power to think clearly, the power to act well in the world’s work and the power to direct the educational environment in which there is scope for individuals to appreciate life “says Brighem young.

In keeping with this faith the school offers a caring educational environment in which there is scope for individual excellence, self-reliance and developing a full- fledged personality. The school empowers the youth through leadership training nurtures sensitivity through brain storming activities. We have a fast growing generation of the” learned” and the “learners” who seek to transform this world.

Our school joins with the parents to galvanize the intellectual and creative capabilities of each student to equip each to excel in future Academic endeavors and to instill self- reliance and moral awareness. The school’s motto is to promote and spread literacy, wisdom and excellence.

I sincerely thank the entire staff, non- teaching staff and managing committee who have offered unstinted support and guidance. Our best endeavor is to grow by leaps and bounds every day.

Looking forward to such times!!


Mrs. B.G. Geetha, Managing Trustee of Gnanodaya Public School, has a deep sense of responsibility & understanding the system of education.

She believes that a child’s education is the foundation for learning and achievement throughout life.

We constantly strive to create an environment where respect and care are modeled by all. We aim to provide an educational environment that enhances and supports the intellectual and social progress of each child so that each child will be prepared to compete in a global economy.