Various inter-house competitions are carried throughout the year. Activities like Art, Craft, Yoga, Music, Dance, Creative writing, Elocution, Debates and Mock-ads are held.

Sports and adventure camps

Sports and adventure camps are regular features at GPS. Students are trained by coaches to participate in inter-house, indoor and outdoor games and also at sports meet. Adventure sports like parasailing, paragliding, rock climbing, trekking, rappelling, zip-lining etc are organised outside the campus by the registered organisation.

At GPS educationists, well experienced faculties, artists, sports trainees have come together to take special responsibilities in equipping children with Right Education And Right Attitude. Here learning takes place beyond classroom. The child is encouraged to explore and experience challenges of their own strength.

The institution looks beyond imparting knowledge. It takes a holistic approach, focusing on overall development of the child. We instil strong values of dignity and respect for human life. We also believe in nurturing and enriching the mind and soul of the child.


In secondary schools, students in music are taught about how to perform in different types of music ensemble

Dance Class

Dance Curriculum which focuses on a child’s personality development and social skills


Sports curriculum which focuses on motor skills at early stage and skills development in later stages

Yoga Class

Yoga helps improves students’ behavior, physical health and academic performance, as well as attitudes toward themselves.