Many Extracurricular activities are a part of the academic calendar. To add to the multifarious personality of a child. We organize Karate, Yoga, Music, Swimming, Robotics and Meditation every day

Co-curricular activities are equally important…

The challenges of the 21st-century demand individuals with well-rounded personalities. Beyond curricular excellence, all-round skills are required to succeed in the new era. Gnanodaya Public School lays special emphasis on extra-curricular development, providing the widest range of activities under one roof, with the objective of fostering and nurturing talent in each and every child.


  1. Horse riding class under well-trained person.
  2. Well maintained swimming pool.
  3. Excellent playgrounds (Volleyball, Throwball, Football, Basketball)
  4. Indoor games like Table tennis, Billiards etc.
  5. Field trips to enhance knowledge.
  6. Leisure activities like dance and karate etc

Well planned co-curricular activities are planned from kindergarten

  • Kindergarten children’s are thought colours by observing colour days like Green Day, Yellow Day, Blue Day, Red Day etc
  • Projects are conducted on Festivals of India. The child exhibits their talents by preparing favourite festivals. They also study about that festival and explain it to the audience.
  • Rhymes, dances, storytelling, listening to stories are regular features of the kindergarten classroom.